Monday, June 18, 2012

Sinful Colors Bubble Bath Swatches and Splatter Mani

 Bubble Bath was one of the first Sinful Colors that I purchased.  I was sitting at home a few years ago and saw a tutorial on how to do a lady bug mani.  I raced to Fred Meyer to buy white, red, and black polish and Sinful Colors was the cheapest they had.  I was never able to make the cute lady bugs the tutorial had and ended up giving up polish for a few years.  Eventually I threw away the black I had bought because I am not one to wear black polish.  Or so I thought.  I still don't wear it by its self but it is a necessity for any nail polish junkie.  I haven't seen Bubble Bath around currently but Ruby Ruby, the red I purchased a few years ago, was released again just a few months ago so maybe Bubble Bath will come out again.  I hope so because it is a lovely pearly glossy white.  I am able to get opacity at two coats.  They couldn't have picked a better name because I own a white bubble bath/shower gel that is the EXACT same color as the polish.  I included a picture below.  I was pretty excited about this, all thought I'm  sure you won't find the same joy in it that I did.  I know I am a big dork, but whatever gets us through the day, right?
  I have wanted to do a splatter mani for a while and the other day I finally remembered to borrow some straws from work.  I followed Chalkboard Nails tutorial, almost perfectly.  I couldn't find my tape and my lazy butt decided it wouldn't be a big deal.  HA HA HA!  Was I WRONG!  Take my advise, follow every step.  And if you don't have tape, go freaking buy some.  It would probablly take less time to run to the store, buy the tape, and tape up your nails, then it would to clean up the horrendeous mess that a splatter mani makes.  I will NEVER do a splatter mani without tape again.  It also took forever to clean up because I decided it would be a good idea to use colors with glitter in them.  Ummmm yeah, clean up was terrible!

Base coat: Chip Skip from OPI and Smooth Beginnings from Avon
Base color: Bubble Bath from Sinful Colors - 2 coats
Splatter colors: Neon Signs mini collection from Claires
Top Coat: Out the Door

Outside in direct sunlight

Outside in indirect light

Inside without flash and with my bubble bath!!  lol

Inside with flash

What about you guys.  Have you done a splatter mani?  Was it sucessful?  I wish I would have gotten better pictures of this one.  For some reason I thought I had good ones, but I really didn't!  Oh well.  Better luck next time.


  1. I always find when I do a splatter mani that it's best to either use slightly thinned-out polish, or slightly watery acrylic paint. And yes, it's incredibly hard to capture on film just what you've been up to, but your work looks lovely. : )

  2. Thank you for the tips and the complement. I will thin out my polish next time and not use my husbands camera to take the final photos. :-) I really was bummed when these were the best photos I had.

  3. What is the best top coat you have ever used? Cool blog btw.

    1. There are three that I really like. I like Seche Vite, but hate the price tag. For a few dollars less you can pickup Out The Door, the dry time is a few minutes longer but it works really good. I also just picked up Sally Hanson Insta Dri topcoat and have no complaints about it yet. I have only tried it once so far because I want to use up my Out The Door before I end up with to many half bottles of used stuff. The Sally Hanson one was the cheapest. It tells you to wait two minutes before applying and then your nail should be dry to the touch after 30 seconds. I waited about a minute and mine were dry. I hope you find this helpful and thanks for reading. :-)

  4. thats a pretty white! it reminds me of Orly Au Champagne!

    1. Thank you! I couldn't beat the .93€ price tag either. :-)