Thursday, February 23, 2012

O.P.I. Warm and Fozzie swatches and daisies

I have wanted to own this polish ever since I have seen swatches of it multiple times across the blogosphere.  I thought about this mani all day. ;)  I have always been a fan of browns and purples.  I really wish that you could see the specks of purple, green, gold, and bronze in the pictures.  Just take my advise and go buy this color.  In the pictures to follow I am wearing three coats of Warm and Fozzie with no top coat.

In this picture I am in direct sunlight. but had to tilt the camera a little towards me so I could actually see the color.  See on my pointer finger at the top of the nail, pretty blinding.  :)

 I took this picture inside with my flash in hopes that you would be able to see the colored flecks, which you can if you look really close.

And of course I wanted to play around with some daisies I had seen on the internet last night.  I can't find the website that I saw this tutorial on, but once I find it again I will post the link for it.  I placed five white circles with a dotting tool(bobby pin) and then used a toothpick(other end of the bobby pin) and then drug it from the middle of the polish to the center to make it look like a petal.  Then I just put little drops of yellow and then painted some random black lines coming from the side of the flowers but didn't like the black so I went over it with a silver glitter.  I went over the top with the O.P.I. RapiDry Top Coat which is what messed with the petals on my thumb.  :(  I just went around the other flowers with the top coat so that I didn't ruin the other ones.  

This was taken inside with no flash.

This was taken inside with flash.

This picture was taken out side not in direct sunlight with no flash.

What are your thoughts on O.P.I.'s Warm and Fozzie.  Have you picked it up yet?  Do you love it?  Do you hate it?  I want to know!