Saturday, March 3, 2012

Give away over at Glam Polish

There is a rockin give a way going on over at Glam Polish since she has reached 1000 followers!  Go over there and enter for some crazy cool China Glaze colors!

My first nail challenge

And the rules:
You can use as many black or white polishes as you like with different finishes and slightly different shades, but black or white need to be seen.  You can layer, stamp over it, draw nail art, use a sticker, rhinestones,… but base polish must be visible. With sponging and water marble you can use as many colors as you like but black and white must be visible. You can also use color polish whit 1. and 2. manicure, but do it in minimum if any at all. I know the black or white can look odd on nails, so it is OK if you do like a french tip (base of a nail need to be clear) or half nail (also clear base)
If any of you don’t feel confidante about challenge (like sponging or water marble) you can skip it. On that day you don’t write a post or do other manicure that fit in this challenge. 
Which I found on My Little Vanities Blog.  She is also participating in the challenge with My Nail Graffiti. 

I found this challenge over at My Nail Graffiti.  I am not a part of her challenge and link up but thought this looked really really fun!  If you would like to join me along with my nail challenge I would love to share your link on here and if you don't have a blog I will show your pictures as I progress through the challenge.

There are two reasons I decided to to this nail challenge.  One, I love black and white together.  Two, it is only ten mani's and each mani is spread out over a three day period.  Which is great because I spent A LOT of time on this mani last night, I have the weekend off from work so my mani will actually last, and this is my favorite mani so far!  My inspiration came from my wedding dress.  I only wish that I had this on for my wedding!!!

Here is my the inspiration:

 This is two coats of O.P.I.'s French Tip White (I am not sure what it is actually called because it is just one of the mini bottles and doesn't have the name on it but I remember the sales women calling it that when I purchased it).

 And three coats:

 Then with a bobby pin I dotted on the flowers.  After about 30 seconds of doing the bigger dots for the daisy looking flowers I drug the bobby pin from the center of the circle towards the center of al of the dots to creat the petal look.  I used Kiss Black Nail Art Paint for the black.  For the smaller flowers I just made sure to do five dots all touching and added a white dot into the middle of them with Kiss's White Nail Art Paint.

 And the other hand!

 I just love how these turned out!  I can't wait to see what you guys are going to come up with!  Email me your pictures at melizajane20(@)gmaildotcom.