Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jen Lancaster Inspired Nails

     In just over an hour I will be leaving on a 3 hour road trip with my amazing friend Megan, kid free, might I add, to go to a book signing with author Jen Lancaster!  We are SO stinking excited.  We both love her and are both just as much as a smart ass as she is.  I can't get in to to many details about who she is because, well, she has written 5 memoirs, so I will just tell you to go check out her blog.  Her blog is what got her noticed.  (Are all of your fingers crossed right now!!)  She was very successful in the dot com era and when it all crashed, like many, she lost her job.  After becoming so bored of temp jobs and re wall papering her bathroom she started her blog, and now she is doing amazing.  If you like what you see, READ THE BOOKS.  If no, do not read the books.  You will probably hate her.  And I can't have Jen Lancaster haters around here ;-)
     For this mani I decided to paint each of her memoir cover designs on my nails.  I am pretty proud of how these turned out, especially since I finished these at 11:30 at night.

And here are the book covers so you can see where the images came from.

One thing I am really disappointed with is the quality of these swatched images.  It was late at night so I couldn't go outside and get a natural image and neither of these really show the true color of Jazz.  This one is inside with the camera flash.

 And this is without the flash.  This picture makes it look way to dark.  I would say the real color is more closer looking to what you see in the above image.

I really hope you like these!

Base coat: Chip Skip from OPI and Nail Envy from OPI
Base color: Jazz - 2 coats from Essie
Top Coat: Out the door
All art EXCEPT the purple lingerie is acrylic, the purple was On A Trip from Wet N Wild