Sunday, May 13, 2012

Essence You Belong To Me Swatches and Sunday Stamping

     Good morning every body.  I hope that you are all having workless, sunny, and fun relaxing weekends.  I worked yesterday but did get to do one of my favorite things last night.  Go to the Cigar Bar at McMenamins, sit around a fire pit, sip a beer, smoke a cigar cigarette, and hang out with good friends.  To me, this is one of the most relaxing, care free things to do.
     One of my girlfriends mentioned that she had seen a blue and brown combination of something the other day and how pretty it actually was.  This has made me want to do a blue and brown stamping combination for like the entire week!  While I was at the book signing for Jen Lancaster on Wednesday I also came across a Konad kiosk and was so excited.  I was finally able to buy my first Konad plate.  I have wanted m65 for a very long time and yay, it would go great with the brown and blue combination!  I almost pissed my pants when she told me it was 7 dollars though!  That seems a bit extreme to me but what do I know, I had never bought one before.  It was also perfect because when I checked what the design was for my Adventures In Stamping Group on Facebook it was to do a design with a plate ending in 5.  The starts were aligning for me!
     The starts aligned until I went to find a nice deep dark chocolate brown yesterday and I COULDN'T FIND
ONE!  I was very distraught over this.  My entire week of do a cute brown and blue mani down the drain.  Sure I probably could have gone to an actual beauty supply store instead of Fred Meyer, but I only had 5 dollars.  I settled for a new blue and figured I could use my Nude It! from Essence for the brown, which is more of a taupe color but they looked really cute together.
     Fail!  I couldn't get the Nude It! to stamp.  It dried way to fast on to the stamp and wouldn't transfer.  Frustration level became very high.  I decided to try the Venus from Avon that I picked up while at the book signing and while I wasn't 100% pleased, I still am enjoying in.

 Outside in direct sunlight

 Inside with no flash

 Inside with flash
     One last thing.  I love the name of the blue I used, You Belong To Me, because it made me think of Taylor Swift, because that is one of the titles to her songs, and then reminded me of a blue dress that she wore in one of her very first music videos.  I'm almost 100% sure this is how they came up with the name for the polish. ;-)

Base coat: Chip Skip from OPI and Nail Envy from OPI
Base color: You Belong To Me - 2 coats from Essence
Stamping color: Venus from Avon
Top coat: Out the door