Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wet N' Wild Limited Edition Sparks and Stripes Collection

     So, as far as I can tell, this collection was released at the very end of April and is so far pretty hard to find.  I spotted it at Fred Meyers, so check there!  Go.  Now.  Need.  To.  Buy.  Well, if you like fun, cheap glitter.   This is what the full display looks like.

Starting in the lower right hand corner and going counter clock wise we have Spontaneous Combustion, Starts and Stripes, Explosion After Dark, School of Pyrotechnics, Beautiful but Dangerous and Light With Caution.
Spontaneous Combustion has gold, blue, green, and purple hexagonal glitter in it.
Stars and Stripes has silver starts and bars in it.  Of course in lighting the shift colors

Explosion After Dark has red, black and silver hexagonal glitter in it.

School of Pyrotechnics has blue, gold, purple, red, and green hexagonal glitter in it

Beautiful but Dangerous has black, blue, purple and gold hexagonal glitter in it

Light With Caution... I cant even describe it!

     I bought Spontaneous Combustion and Beautiful but Dangerous.  Have you guys seen these yet?  Are you going to buy any?  Tomorrow's post will contain a mani with Spontaneous Combustion.  I got a lot of compliments on it today!!  Have a great evening!