Sunday, July 22, 2012

OPI Black Cherry Chutney Swatches and Stamping With Mash Plate 42

  Today's challenge in the Adventures In Stamping group on Facebook was for us to stamp with our favorite stamp.
I only have about thirty stamping plates so I don't really have a "favorite."  I have stamped with the Mash 42 plate before and really liked the outcome of it, so I decided to use it again.  I think that I like this stamp on the mani that I have linked to rather than on top of Black Cherry Chutney.
 Earlier last week someone had mentioned that they had an OPI Elephantasic Pink up for swap so I decided to look up the swatches for it.  I stumbled across Scrangie's blog post for the 2008 India Collection and instantly fell in love with Black Cherry Chutney, Royal Rajah Ruby, and Yoga-ta Get This Blue!  These colors are so beautiful and I instantly put them on my wish list.  On Friday after work I went to check out my local beauty supplies OPI sale and what do you know, I found Black Cherry Chutney.  My husband didn't seem as excited as I was though.  :-(  I decided to wear it right away because I was catering a wedding yesterday and I love dark colors on my nails, so I figured this would be perfect, and I was right.
I loved this color so much that after it got all screwed up from catering, I painted it on again and that is when I realized that it was time for me to do my Sunday stamping challenge.

Base coat: Nail Envy by OPI and Hard as Nails Nail Hardener from Sally Hansen
Base color: Black Cherry Chutney from OPI - 2 coats
Stamping color: Stamp Me! White from Essence
Stamping plate: Mash 42
Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

Finished product

In direct sunlight.  Look at this BEAUTIFUL color!

Another direct sunlight picture, it is just so pretty!

Outside in indirect light

Inside without flash

Inside with flash

Sorry for the copius amounts of pictures, but I am in love and I don't care who knows it!!  What do you think about Black Cherry Chutney?  Do you like dark, vampy colors as well, or do you prefer lighter ones?