Monday, June 11, 2012

Mary Kay Coral Stone Swatch and Stamping With Mash 42 Plate

 I went to a Mary Kay spa party about two weeks ago.  We got to try out their yummy mint foot soak, yummy mint foot lotion, microdermabrasion set, sun tan lotion, tanning lotion, and last but not least their nail polish.  At the time I had a glitter on my toes and was having a very difficult time getting it off.  I didn't want to sit there for 20 minutes removing it while everyone else waited on me so I just painted over the glitter.  I ended up purchasing Coral Stone.  Little did I know how much I would fall in love with this color and formula.
  Yesterday I decided I wanted to create a sunrise look on my nails.  I figured Coral Stone would be a great base to start this look.  All I can say about Coral Stone is OH MY GOD!  The formula is perfect and flawless.  All of my swatch pictures are one coat.  One coat!  No visible nail line, no brush marks, beautiful shine.  I did not apply a top coat to Coral Stone.  When I first purchase it I was a little iffy of the $9.00 price tag, but now, I would drop it in a heart beat.  This makes me wish Mary Kay was producing tons of nail color.  They have about six colors out right now, and I will be purchasing them.  My husband better find a job, fast.  Lol.
 This is the link to the tutorial I used to do my gradients.  As I mentioned before I was going for a sunrise kind of look.  I was thinking of a morning out on the ranch when I came up with this mani, so as to keep with my rodeo themed weekend.  I hope that you guys enjoy.

Base coat: Chip  Skip and Nail Envy from OPI
Base color: Coral Stone from Mary Kay - 1 coat
Gradient colors:
  • purple: Let's Talk from Sinful Colors
  • orange: Sun Kissed from Sally Hanson
  • yellow: Mellow Yellow from Sally Hanson
Stamping color: Black Creme from Wet N Wild
Stamping plate: Mash 42
Top Coat: Out the Door

I apologize for my clean up job.  I ran out of acetone.  :-(
This was taken inside with the flash.

So, as previously stated, I ran out of aceton.  This is also my
non dominant hand so it is way messier than normal, but I really
wanted you to see the gradient without the horses stamped on.

Taken outside in natural light

Inside without flash

Taken inside with flash

Can you believe the amazing coverage I got with one coat!!