Friday, June 8, 2012

Claire's Neon Blue Swatching and Review Plus Stamping With Mash 37 Plate

 In Central Oregon, also known as Deshutes County, the Sisters Rodeo is a yearly event.  This even is HUGE.  In the town of Sisters they even have a rodeo arena that was built just for this event!  It drives tons of people to their small town from all over Oregon on the West Coast.  This weekend is rodeo weekend.  It will start tonight and go through Sunday.  I am actually on call to go work, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have to because I am really tired. 
:-)  That is how I decided I wanted to do a western theme on my nails today.  I will also be doing one tomorrow as well.
  The base color is a neon blue from Claire's that I got in their mini neon signs collection.  The formula was not that great.  I applied three coats because two coats was not cutting it.  I have included two pictures showing how streaky and funky this formula was.  I also wish that the glitter would actually sparkle.  It pretty much just looks like a textureized finish rather than a glitter.  Unfortunatly is a beautiful color and it dried really really fast!  It appeared to have a matte finish so I tried applying top coat to the pointer and ring finger to see if it would shine it up but it didn't do much.  I also wish that Claire's would put the name of the polishes on the bottle!  Super frustrating.  I am really glad that I only have a mini bottle of this.  If it weren't such a pretty blue I wouldn't even waste my time with it and throw it away.
  I really wanted to give the impression that the horse shoe was flying through the air so I really hope that is how this mani comes across.

Base coat: Chip Skip from OPI and Yello-out
Bae color: Neon Blue from Claire's - 3 coats
Stamping color: clouds - Alpine Snow from OPI
                           Horse shoe - Nirvana from Sinful Colors
Stamping plate: Mash 37
Top Coat: Sally Hanson Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

This was taken outside with out flash.  I am pretty pleased with 
the end result.

You can see a vague difference in the nails that I applied the 
top coat to and the ones I did not. This was taken out side in
indirect light. 

Taken inside with out the flash

Taken inside with flash.  Excuse my tiny hangnail on my pointer 
finger.  The flash always makes these look the worst.

I am including this pictures so you can see how gritty the glitter

If you look inside the circle you can see how
translucent it is.  This is why I had to do the three 
coats as apposed to the two.  This is how each nail
looked.  :-(

Have you guys tried any of the neon polishes from Claire's?  What did you think of the formula?  Also, what drives people to your area?