Tuesday, March 13, 2012

GEM Crush - Big Money

       I was so not looking forward to removing my previous mani because of all the acrylic and I have only used it twice so I wasn't sure how to take it off.  I ended up having to use the foil method and it worked like a charm!
      I know that the Sally Hanson Gem crush line has been out since November of 2011, but it takes me a while to have enough money to hoard buy all the polishes that I NEED really really really want.  The Gem crush line came out with eight colors: Showgirl Chic (silver base), Cha-Ching! (red base), Big Money (IMO gold but have heard champagne/pewter base), Bling-Tastic (blue base), Be-Jeweled (purple base), Razzle Dazzler (pink base), Lady Luck (garnet), and Glitz Gal (charcoal base).  I picked up Big Money because it was the second one that I wanted.  The first one that I wanted was of course Razzle Dazzler because I ALWAYS want the pinks.  I can't even tell you how many pink polishes I own.  I decided to go out of my comfort zone and go for something I don't have...  gold.  I abhor the color gold but the purple colored flakes pulled me right in!  I have been sitting on this polish for about a month, so you can see that I wasn't all that excited to try it out.  I am so bummed that I waited so long because I love it!  It is so beautiful.  I love that it looks like I spent a lot of time on this mani but in just three coats, ba bammm!  Look at that shine.  I am in love.  I am SO glad I waited to take pictures while I was in the sun instead of posting the pictures from last night (the last two pictures) .  I really really want to try the other ones!!

This one is in out side in the amazing sun shine!

Inside with no flash

Inside with flash

Have you guys been able to try these?  Do you like them?  Do you hate them?  Do you have any laying around you just feel the need to give me?  ;-)