Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My going out mani

     Last weekend I went out dancing for the first time in months.  The first time I have gone out since  I started this blog actually, so I wanted to make sure I did my nails cute so that no one could see them in the dark bar.  Lol.  It is the thought that counts, right?  I picked up the Zoya matte sampler the other day and thought what the hay.  Matte polishes are slowly growing on me.  I guess maybe because the matte finish makes them look dull to me?
  If you guys haven't learned that doing art work for your nails with acrylic is possibly the best idea ever, you need to figure it out girlfriends.  I wasn't quite sure why so many people didn't use polish for their art work until I heard that you could do clean up with rubbing alcohol and it wouldn't affect the polish.  What better way to screw up artwork and not have to redo the entire nail again!  I tell you what.  Learning this has saved me hundreds of tears!

finished product

Three coats inside with flash

Three coats outside with no flash

Base Coat-Avon Smooth Beginnings
Base Color-Phoebe by Zoya - 3 coats
White tips and black stripes - acrylic paint
Top Coat - LA Colors - was only place on the ring finger.  I didn't put a top coat on the other nails because I wanted to keep the matte look on the other nails.

What do you guys think of matte finishes?  Yay or Ney?