Monday, July 9, 2012

Avon Strawberry Swatches and Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge: Beach Towel

  Debbie Crumpet of The Crumpet has formed a very intense summer challenge for us nail polish freaks. Like stated in the title, todays challenge was beach towel. When I first learned of this I knew exactly what I was going to do. My best friend brought me back the only beach towel I have from Hawaii about five years ago when he was on leave.

While attempting to paint the turtle on to my ring fingers, I smuged them up and I decided it was a great time to try making my own nail decals. You can see how it is done in this you tube tutorial.

There is one thing that she doesn't mention in this video and that is that you have to wait a few hours between painting your design onto the plastic, and peeling it off. I waited about four hours. I am not sure if you normally need to wait this long but we left the house for that long. I had tried this one time before and didn't wait long enough, about an hour, and my hard work had been destroyed. :-(

They turned out great, except for the fact that the clear nail polish that I used is pretty thick and old so it bubbled like crap. You will be able to tell in the picture.

There is not really much else to say about this mani, so I hope that you like it.

Base coat:OPI Chip Skip and Avon Smooth Beginnings

Base color: Strawberry from Avon - 1 coat

Light pink for flowers: Flutter from Sinful Colors

White: Acrylic

Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta - Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

Sorry for the chip on my pointer finger but I had to take this this morning because my camera had died. This is one hour into work. :-(

Look how gross and bumpy my nail sticker turned out to be. Other than that I think it turned out pretty good.

Strawberry taken in indirect sunlight. I had the BEST direct sunlight photo of Strawberry but I accidentally deleted it! I am kicking my self in my pants!

Taken inside without flash

Inside with flash

What do you guys and gals think? Have you tried making your own nail stickers? Was it sucessful?

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