Thursday, June 7, 2012

OPI San Tan-Tonio Swatches and Stamping With Mash 43 Plate

     About two weeks ago I was driving by my local beauty supply shop and saw a sign stating they were having a sale on select OPI.  I was really bummed because I was on my way back to work but guess what I did the second I got off?  That's right.  I left work, went straight to my truck and bee lined it for the shop.  The sale wasn't huge or anything but they had colors from the Niki Minaj, Muppets, and Texas Collections from last year for $6.99.  At that specific shop they normally retail for right around $8-$9 dollars.  And while it wasn't a huge sale, I could tell my husband I bought it on sale and that makes me look great so I had to snatch some up.
     In my search for the perfect brown and blue combo I picked up San Tan-Tonio.  A beautiful milky cream brown that dried very quickly and went really well with my skin tone. I think this will be a good color when I need something neutral in the future.  I'm not sure why but once I applied the first layer it seemed to dry much quicker than normal.  I'm not sure if it was because of how thin I went with my layers or if it is because it is an older color but I really liked how fast it dried.

In order of application:
Base coat: Chip Skip from OPI and Yello-out
Base color: San Tan-Tonio from OPI - 2 coats
Top coat:  Sally Hanson Insta Dri  Anti Chip Top Coat
Stamping Color: Why Not from Sinful Colors
Top coat: Out the Door 
Stamping plate: Mash 43

Finished mani

Outside with no flash

Inside with no flash

It still baffels my mind how lighting can play such a difference on picture quality.  What is the best way you have found to take pictures of your mani's?