Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mellow Yellow Happy Ending

     I can't help but laugh at some of the names that companies come up with for their products.  Happy Ending...REALLY?!  Ok, enough of my sick twisted mind.  So, yesterday was my last day free on my five day vacation.  I spent two days celebrating my birthday and another two driving three hours away to see my Grandma with a girl friend and her two year old and seven month old.  Sounds really fun, doesn't it...  I spent some time at Chuck E Cheese lol.  But it was worth it seeing how excited my friends little daughter got when Chuck E Cheesus (as she says) came out and gave her a hug and took a picture with her.  OK, so as you can imagine, I came home exhausted.  I am so glad I took yesterday off.  I used to be the type of person to come home and head straight back to work.  I think I'm getting older... Any ways.  I started working with Mellow Yellow yesterday and after two separate manicure fails from lack of patience for it to dry and kept smearing it, I decided to go with a different color that wouldn't require so much cleanliness.  I am sorry for not cleaning my nails up but it took me two hours to just get some sort of good color on my nails so at that point I didn't want to clean them up.  I had pretty much given up.
     Now, if you live in Oregon I'm sure these will make you think that I am a Duck fan, (one of our college's mascots) but rest assured, I am not.  I know, I know, please don't throw rocks at me.  I am a Beaver Believer all the way.  I really abhor sports but since the Beavers are ALWAYS the underdog I always vote for them.  The funny thing about the town I live in though is that there aren't really many Duck fans until they start winning a lot of games and the all of the sudden there are Duck banners and flags and stickers EVERYWHERE!  I swear, you would think they barfed all over my town.  I don't even get on facebook on game days because ALL of my friend's updates are about the game.  I have friends who post play by play and I want to gouge my eyes out.  Ok, enough blabbering for today.  Here you go.

Inside with flash no topcoat on yet

 Inside with out flash - no top coat

 Outside no flash, no top coat

Finished product
Base coat: Yello-out
Base color: Happy Ending - 2 coats from Sinful Colors
Polka Dots: Yellow Mellow - applied with a dotting tool- from Sally Hanson
Top Coat: Out the Door

I just love the tiny gold glitter in this color.  Makes it perfect for St. Patrick's Day, don't ya think?  Don't worry, I used this as the main color in my Patrick's Day mani!

Hope you like this.  If you have any comments, questions, critiques I would love to hear them in the comments below.  Thank you.  Have a great afternoon!