Friday, April 13, 2012

Rimmel London Sunset Orange

    What a crazy day I have had. Worked a ten hour shift, walked him, and then baby sat for five hours. That is why this is suck a quick post.  I have had NO time today. :-( I am glad that I get to share with you though.
     When I saw that tangerine was the in color this season my heart, shoulders, and eyes dropped. NOT my color. I just told my self I would be missing out on the in crowd with my nails this season (what's new though) because there was no way I would buy that color. Rite Aid happened to be having a 75% off sale and I bought this color for a "giveaway" or at least that is what I told my self.  And what do you know, I really like it!
     This is my first blog post using the Blogger app on my Android so if it is unlike my other posts format wise I apologize.  I will fix it when I am not in bed. :-)

Base Coat: Smooth Beginning from Avon
Color: Sunset Orange from Rimmel London - 2 coats
Top Coat: Out the Door

What are your thoughts about tangerine colors.  Excited or will they be "giveaway" items? ;-)