Monday, April 9, 2012

Flirty Teenage Dream

     Ha!  Do you like the name I came up with?  Well, it is the names of the polishes but I messed em around a little to spice it up some.  He he.  I really wanted to do a syrup mani with Teenage Dream and I did, but you couldn't even tell that it was a syrup mani.  So I removed it and decided to try it over a different color.  In case you don't know Teenage Dream is part of O.P.I.'s Katy Perry line but I just was able to get my hands on it.  I was really excited for it but it has not lived up to the expectations I had.  I really, really wanted it to be pink like it is in the bottle but I have to do four coats to get it to show up pink and it still doesn't reach bottle color.  What can I say, I like pink.  :-)  So I grabbed one of my unused colors, Flirt by Jesse's Girl and decided to do the tips with Teenage Dream.

Here is the finished product outside with no flash

Inside with flash.

 Three coats of Flirts inside with flash

 Inside with out flash

This was the original syrup mani.  As you can see, you can't really tell it has a dark to light effect like I wanted it to.  This was inside with no flash

What about you guys.  Have you tried Teenage Dream.  What do you like using it with?  Have you done any syrup manis that have been sucessful?

Base Coat: Avon Smooth Beginnings 
Base Color: Flirt by Jesse's Girl - 3 coats
Tips: Teenage Dream - 1 coat
Top Coat: Out the door