Monday, February 20, 2012

My first blog post!

Hey all!  I am not going to lie, I am SUPER excited to have started my blog!  This is my first blog so I am still learning the ropes.  I wasn't to sure how to start off my blog so I figured I would show you guys my haul from today, (that my husband doesn't know about) he he he.  Don't worry, we don't keep secrets, he just isn't home yet. ;)  After I got off work today I hit up Ed Wyss and Rite Aid and got some fun stuff!
From left to right I got Sinful Colors nail art in Sour Apple, O.P.I. original Nail Envy*, Sinful Colors nail art in No More, and Moonlight, O.P.I. Expert Touch Lacquer Remover*, and a cute little tote that holds the other mini O.P.I. products and the two pictured here.  (That is why I put a start after those products.)

Isn't this bag SO cute.  I LOVE it. :)

From left to right again I got O.P.I. Warm and Fozzie, a mini Seche Vite dry fast top coat, Sally Hanson Rosy Future (for 1.25  I might add) Sinful Colors nail art in Be My Valentine, O.P.I. ChipSkip Nail Lacquer Chip Preventer*, Sinful Colors nail art in Morning Breath, and O.P.I.'s RapiDry Top Coat*.

As I said this is my first haul as a blogger and I have wanted a few of these products for a long time, Warm and Fozzie, HELLO!  I can't wait to swatch it on me, all thought I'm sure you have all seen it tons of times.

Do you guys remember what it was like when you started your blog?  I would love to get some advice from you all, so please don't be afraid to hit me up.  While I am a new blogger I don't mind you leaving your blog for me to check out in my comments, it will change though once I get busier and busier.