Friday, January 18, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 16: Color Opposites

     This was so hard for me to do because I do not like clashing colors!  I decided to go with red and purple.  I wish that the stamping had turned out better, but it didn't.  I really wanted to redo this one, but I left it alone.  Blah.  Can you tell how un-enthusiastic I am about this one?

Base coat: Pro FX Fiberized Ridge Filler
Base color: Red Red from Wet N' Wild - 1 coat
Stamping color: Lavenbaby
Stamping image: Mash 41
Top coat: Seche Vite

What colors do you hate seeing together?

31 Day Challenge - Day 15: Watercolor

       I guess it is just my lot in life to be behind on this challenge!  I am keeping up with the work, but can't seem to be able to find the time to post.  Work has been crazy busy.  I have basically worked 10 - 11 hours, six days a week, for the last two weeks.  We are so stinking busy and that is part of the reason my cuticles look like dog shit.  Normally I can apply my cuticle balm a few times throughout the day, but lately, I'm lucky if I get enough time to pee.  Any who.  I am so happy with how these turned out.  I had never done watercolor nails before, but these were super easy.  I loved that they didn't have to look so neat and pristine which made the watercolor part so easy.
     To achieve this look you want to paint your base coat and cover that with a top coat.  This will protect your base coat in the next step.  After that is completely dry, I placed random dots of color on the nail, and then with a striping brush dipped in acetone, spread the polish around.  If you don't apply a top coat over the base color, when you use the acetone dipped brush, it will QUICKLY eat through your base color and you will have to start all over again.

Base coat: Pro FX Fiberized Ridge Filler
Base color: White on the Spot from Milani - 2 coats
Watercolor colors: Blue - Scream from Pure Ice
                                Pink- Strawberry from Avon
                                Purple- Cherry, Cherry Bang, Bang! from Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
Top coat: Seche Vite

Have you guys ever used this technique?  Did you like it?