Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stamping Sunday

     Wow.  What a CRAZY week.  I haven't been able to post since Tuesday and I have felt so bad, like I have been neglecting you guys.  Yesterday was my birthday and I have five days off of work!  Woot woot.  To me this is a huge deal because I work six tens a week.  I spent ALL day yesterday working on swatches and blog posts!  Yay for you and me.  I am working on swatching my ENTIRE collection and going to set up a different tab on my homepage so if anyone wants to see a swatch they can click on that page and each color will be linked to the specific blog post.  It will be a lot of work but I think it will be so worth it.
     Sundays are for stamping!  I am glad that I am finally getting the hang of it because I was seriously frustrated with it for the longest time.  I am still going to invest in the special polishes for stamping but I have found a FEW in my collection that will work for this process.

Inside with flash

 Inside with out flash

Outside in the SUN!!!  I am SO excited that it is out! 

Base coat: Yello-Out
Base color: Real Simple by Essie - 3 coats
Stamping color: Midnight Plum by Avon
No top coat
The stamping plates from Essence are not numbered but it is the plate that came with the original kit that can be viewed here.

Do you like stamping?  What are your tips and tricks for stamping?