Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saran Wrap Nails Using Pure Ice Outrageous and OPI Black Cherry Chutney

       Happy Saturday everyone.  I hope that you all enjoyed your Saturday.  I am just now relaxing after ten and a half hours of work, dinner making, and some laundry.  Ahh.  I wish I could say it is relaxing, but I am actually really irritated.  Tomorrow is my only day off and I am helping a dear friend move.  I hate helping people move, but no one else was willing to help.  I can also hear my neighbors music through my walls, and my husband is screaming at the X Box.  I want to leave, but have no strength or motivation too.  I may just put some ear plugs in here pretty soon.
     I picked up Outrageous when I was ignoring my crazy mother-in-law at WalMart, (talked about in the second paragraph of this post) a while ago.  I picked up this color mainly for stamping purposes, which I completely managed to let it slip from my mind.  I almost got mad after I swatched this because this polish is not very forgiving.  It shows EVERYTHING thanks to its metallic-y finish.  After I put this on my nails, I almost removed it, but then remembered my beloved saran wrap mani's and decided to fix my problem with that.  I am so glad I tried this because I love the finished product.

Base coat: Sally Hansen Triple Strong Advanced Nail Gel Fortifier
Base color: Outrageous from Pure Ice - 2 coats
Top color: Black Cherry Chutney from OPI
Top coat: Seche Vite

Taken inside with flash

Taken inside without flash

Please let me know what you guys think in the comments!