Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oregon State Nails

new osu logo
  My friend Sarah graduated with her Masters degree yesterday and we were invited to her ceremony and bbq celebration.  I wanted my nails to be for her so I decided to do the school colors, black and orange, and the school logo.

I tried to make my own nail decals but I didn't let them sit long enough so they got ruined.  Bummer because the were pretty dang close to perfect.  I ended up using acrylic to do the logo on each of my ring fingers.  I wasn't completely happy with how this mani turned out.  I really wanted UFO to show up more orange-y over the black.  In doors you can see way more orange but outdoors the green comes out.  Which is really funny because UFO is in an orange base and has a lot of orange glitter.  Or so I thought.  Once I put UFO over Black Creme all sorts of colors came out that I had never seen before!  It was quite a surprise.  Sorry there are so many pictures that look almost the same but I really wanted you guys to be able to see the different colors that came out of the wood works with UFO.

Base coat: Chip Skip from OPI, Smooth Beginnings from Avon
Base color: 
  • Black: Black Creme from Wet N Wild - 2 coats
  • White: Bubble Bath from Sinful Colors - 2 coats
Glitter: UFO from Sinful Colors - 1 coat
Top coat: Out the Door

If you can't tell from the pictures, I had a pretty difficult time with the clean up on my pointer finger.  Dark colors are very hard to erase from your skin and it was very frustrating!  lol  Do you guys have any clean up tips for me?  Are you shocked from the very different colors that came from UFO once it was applied over the black?  I hope that you all had a great weekend!