Monday, April 16, 2012

Lemme See Your Peacock Fly

     If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen this picture I posted this weekend of my jean shopping trip.  I know, I know, buying jeans turned into buying jeans, shorts, and nail stuff.  Outlet malls are the DEVIL. Not to mention hubbs was supposed to go with me but got a "migraine" all of the sudden.  Don't men always get them when they are supposed to go shopping.  Funny thing is, is that I am probablly the fasted clothes tryer oner you will ever meet.  I HATE shopping for clothes, especially jeans, so I grab my size, try it on, do a few squats, and bam, I'm out the door.
     When the Nicki Minaj collection was released this January (2012) I wanted nothing to do with it.  I was not a fan of her.  And then I saw her on Ellen with Sophia Grace and Rosie and saw what she did for those two little girls and all the sudden I liked her.  :-)  If you haven't seen Sophia Grace and Rosie you NEED to watch the clip I just linked to.  It is about five minutes long but it will just melt your heart.  Any ways, after I saw this I started looking in to everyones swatches for the line and decided that I needed to add Fly to my collection.  I was finally able to do that this weekend.
     While on my jean shopping adventure I walked past a Claires.  I have never bought any polish from Claires before but have seen a lot of bloggers talk about their nail products before and decided to get it a look.  I found the two mini collections featured under the "picture" link above and left!  I knew hubbs would not be to excited about my venture.  I have a little rant about the Claires mini polishes.  They have NO NAMES on them!  Which I was fine with at first until I saw my almost exact mani on Rebecca Likes Nails blog today and she had a name for this polish.  I find it very ironic that we have almost the same mani post for the same day. lol  Great minds think alike.
     If you're anything like me when I was young and knew everything, you learned that Icing and Claires were the same stores but with a different name on their product.  In Rebecca's blog post she states that the glitter polish she purchased at Icing is called Lemme See Your Peacock.  I went to the Claires website to see if the names were the same and low and behold, they didn't have this product in the full size bottle on the website, and they didn't have this product on the Icing website AT ALL!  Hence, where my frustration came from.  But I will say, I got this coverage from the glitter in one coat!  I did blop the brush down at the base of the nail a few times and then just pulled the glitter in a normal painting manner.
     Ok, enough typing for todays post.  Here is my final product that I really really love!!

Indoor with no light

 Outdoor in shade

Outdoor in Sun

 Outdoor in shade (There was no sun left when I went to take this pic)

Base Coat: Yello-Out
Base Color: Fly by OPI - 2 coats
Glittler: Lemme See Your Peacock from Clairs - 1 coat
Top Coat: Out the Door

     What do you guys think about this?  Does it bug you when there aren't names on products you purchase?

Mani Monday

I am hosting Mani Monday over on my Facebook page. Please post your pictures, including your name, first only is ok, and what you used. I may have disabled the feature that allows people to post to my wall so if you can not post them please email them to me at and I will post the. ASAP. Once I get off of work I will disable the sharing feature on my wall and post a new post for today! I can't wait to see your goods!