Sunday, April 29, 2012

Basketball Nails

     I did these nails on Friday because I was working the Harlem Globe Trotters game.  As stated in my previous blog post, I abhor sports, so I wasn't all that excited to go to this game.  But let me tell you!  It was SO much fun.  So entertaining!  I can't wait to take my kids there later in life.
     I am in love with this orange.  It looks much duller in these pictures than up close and personal.  I didn't want this mani to chip so I used OPI's Chip Skip and it was amazing.  I wore it through and entire day of work with no chips, and had a very hard time peeling the glitter off.  I only peeled it off because I wanted to see if it would come off easily since my polish usually peels off at work from washing my hands so much.

 With flash in doors

 Out door in natural light

 I know this is blurry but I wanted to show the amazingness that is this orange.  I love all the sparkles in it and all the pretty colors.

Base Coats: Chip Skip from OPI and Smooth Beginnings from Avon
Sparkly Orange: UFO - 3 coats from Sinful Colors
Orange Cream: Sunny Side Up - 3 Coats from Wet N Wild
Black stripes and brown dots: acrylic paint
Top Coat: RapiDry by OPI