Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rainbow Bright over NYC French Tip White and Swatches

  Boy have I got a treat for you guys.  I am so excited to share this polish with you.  It is called Rainbow Bright by Tina from Polish + Plus!  I first met Tina on facebook because we were both interested in doing a swap.  We quickly became friends and Tina decided she wanted to adventure into making her own polishes.  She is the one who made the first and the second indie polishes that I own.  I am in love with her stuff!  Not to mention her reasonable prices.  I paid $8 for a full size Rainbow Bright and that included shipping.  
  Rainbow Bright contains blue, pink, green, orange and yellow bar glitter, blue, pink, green, orange and yellow glitter, and the same colors in stars, and is suspended in a sheer pink base.  Here is the cool part about this polish, not every bottle will be the exact same as mine.  It will definitly be super close but someone who has the same polish as me may have more purple and green stars than I do.  I mean, you don't really expect her to count every single piece of glitter and star in each color that she puts into the bottle, do you?  ;-)  But I see it as a one of a kind polish and that makes me feel special!  Tina recommended that I try it over a white base so as not to wash out any of the colors in this beautiful mixture.  I am so glad that I took her advise.  All of the pictures I took were of one coat of Rainbow Bright over three coats of NYC French Tip White.  The formula was a little on the runny side but it really was not that bad.  I didn't have to fish any of the stars out, but I did have to place them, so to speak, on the nail.  I know that there are a lot of pictures but I really wanted you guys to see the amazingness that is this beautiful indie polish.  It is unlike any that I have ever seen.
  All of the pictures that have Rainbow Bright in them, minus the bottle shots, have one coat of Out the Door Top Coat on it.  If you don't like to feel your glitter on your nail after you are all done I suggest you do two coats of top coat.  It really wasn't that bad but it wasn't 100% smooth and I know some people are very adament about having smooth nails.

Base coat: Chip Skip from OPI and Smooth Beginnings from Avon
Base color: French Tip White from NYC - 3 coats
Glitter: Rainbow Bright from Polish + Plus - 1 coat
Top coat: Out the Door

You can view Polish + Plus facebook page here.  If you go to her "for sale" album you can see all of her polishes and nail stickers that she makes and has for sale.

These first three pictures are all taken outside in direct sunlight

Bam!!!  Look at that!

And that!!!!!!

Here it is inside without flash

and upclose without flash inside

Here is a closeup of the bottle

And a full size.  Mine did come in an old Orly bottle but that is because Tina loves me and she was planning on keeping this one for her self.

And now for the French Tip White swatches, which aren't as exciting as the Rainbow Bright.  Lol.  And no, it didn't bubble on my pointer finger, my finger nail is peeling bad and that is where it quits peeling.  :-(
Outside in direct sun

Outside in indirect light

Inside without flash

Inside with flash

All right, so, what do you guys think of Rainbow Bright?  Do you like it, love it, or can you live without it?