Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Somewhat successful stamping

     Since my last experience with stamping I practically gave up.  The one that I posted wasn't a bad one but I had tried a few times and was very upset and let down.  I have came to the conclusion that I really do need to invest in the special polishes meant for stamping.  I have read in a lot of blog posts that metallic colors work pretty well so while I was sitting at home sick this morning I went through one of my buckets of polish and did a little experimenting.  I came up with one color that I thought would work for stamping, and it did.  As you can tell I messed up on my pointer finger and missed the edges on my thumb and middle finger.

Inside with no flash


 Indoor with flash

 Indoor no flash

 Outdoor no flash

 Indoor with flash

     Do you like my nubbin of a thumb nail?  It broke today.  :-(
Base Coat: Yello-Out
Base Color: Simple by Sally Girl
Stamping Color: On A Trip by Wet N Wild
Stamp: I wish I could tell you a plate number or something of the sorts but the Essence plates don't have a number.  But you can see the plate in this blog post.
Do you guys have any suggestions for stamping colors that are cheaper than the Konad special polishes?