Wednesday, May 2, 2012

N.Y.C. Charming Rose Creme Swatches and Tape Mani

     There are several things I love about this mani.  The glitter combination that I am showing in this post has been my favorite combination for years.  I have a back up bottle of Sparked and have gone through one bottle of the Charming Rose Cream and Sparked before.  These are the only bottle of polishes I have ever completely gone through.  Separately these colors don't do much for me but together these are great.  I even wore this color on my wedding day as the tips on a french tip manicure.
     The Charming Rose Cream is kinda streaky with just two coats.  I have never tried it with three because I always layer the glitter over it and don't want it to be to think.  Sparkled has AMAZING coverage.  This is only one coat of it and look at it!
     One of the nail pages I follow on facebook was hosting a glitter mani contest and I knew I had to use this combo but do something more to it.  If you need tips on how to do a tape mani you can look at this post.  I got a lot of compliments on this mani so I really hope that you like it.  :-)

 Before I added the Black Cream

 Inside without flash

 Outside with no flash

 Inside without flash

 Inside with flash

Base coat: OPI Chip Skip and Smooth Beginnings from Avon
Base color: Charming Rose Creme from N.Y.C. - 2 coats
Glitter: Sparked from Wet N Wild - 1 coat
Black: Black Cream from Wet N Wild - 1 coat
Top coat: Rapidry from OPI

Let me just say that I am obsessed with Chip Skip.  You apply it to your nail before you apply your base coat and it works great.  I work in food service and I have to wash my hands a hundred times a day.  Maybe not that much but it is a lot.  With my hands in and out of soap and water the polish retains water and peels like a sunburned person.  My manis are usually off my fingers by the time I get off but this barely chipped.  Only one of my nails had chips in it!