Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: Are You Single? Swatch and Review

     A few weeks ago I stumbled into TJ Maxx searching for those $6.99 Deborah Lippmann polishes that everyone was waving in my face.  But of course, because my town is not so in the now with polish, there were none.  I did however find some Sally Hansen Salon Effects real polish stips for the great price of $3.99.  They were Valentine's themed but I knew that a) I was to cheap to pay the normal $8 price tag so why not at least try them, and that b) the next week I would be working like a mad women and this would be the way to ensure something was on my nails at all times.
     According to the Sally Hansen website these last up to 10 days, remove easily with polish remover, and are available in 40 fashion-forward styles.  The one that I picked up clearly is not one that you can still buy, but with 40 other great options, who cares, right?!  Applying these was just a tad tricky to me.  Everyone else says it's so easy to just file off the excess but I just struggled.  I ended up folding the excess over my nail and pretty much pulling it off.  But it worked so who cares, right?  I sadly had tip wear after only 1 day!  :-(  I honestly expected this because I work very roughly with my hands.
     After four days, I was ready to take these off!  For someone who is constantly switching their polish, wearing the same thing for four days is a bit much.  But I must say, I am glad that I had these over naked nails.  The removal also seemed a little more difficult then I expected.  I used acetone and it took a little scrubbing.  I wonder if I should have used regular polish remover?!  Hmmm.  Next time  I will try that.  One other thing I found odd was that mine seemed to have tons of little lines running through out the strips, as you will see in the picture.  This bugged me.  I looked up other ones online though and didn't notice this to be a constant thing, so I am wondering if this has to do with why I found them at TJ Maxx.
     Even with the tip wear, these did last a lot longer than normal polish for me.  I will more than likely try them again if I have another crazy work week or God forbid, a vacation, (I can dream, right?)  But I STILL struggle with the price tag.

Have you tried this or any other nail wrap yet?  Did they meet your expectations?