Friday, January 4, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 3: Gold

       Three days into the challenge and I'm already posting a day late!  So not how I like to be, but yesterday was a fluke.  I ended up having to work 5 am to 5 pm without a lunch, come home and shower, then go immediately to a friend's house for dinner.  I would have rescheduled except for the fact that we were in charge of bringing the ingredients and their car was broken down.  I very well couldn't leave them stranded like that, could I?!  
     As the title to this post states, yesterday's challenge was gold.  I was kinda freaking out about gold day because I have two gold polishes, or so I thought.  Turns out I had between 15 - 20 gold polishes I had never worn.  I am not a huge gold fan so I never wear it, but for some reason I buy it?  Can you explain this to me?  I guess that is what classifies my "hobby" as an "addiction".  Lol.  
     I loved Disco Dolls.  It has so many pretty colors jam packed into one polish.  I know that this is one coat over a base color, but I dare say it would be opaque with one coat.  To achieve this look I painted on Venus and let it dry completely which took about an hour.  Then one by one I taped off each finger, painted on Disco Dolls, and promptly removed the tape.  Had I used a coat of Seche on top of Venus I could have cut my dry time down to about 30 minutes, but it was my day off and I was watching a movie, so I wasn't it a big of a hurry. :-)

Base coat: Pro FX Fiberized Ridge Filler
Base color: Venus from Avon - 2 coats
Glitter: Disco Dolls from Nicole by OPI - 1 coat
Top coat: Seche Vite

All these pictures were taken outside without the flash.  Here is a close up of Disco Dolls so you can see all the different glitters in this amazing polish.

Have you guys ever been surprised by the amount of one polish you had that you didn't even know?  

Normally I post the little links so that you can view everyone's posts for the challenge, but I can't seem to be able to get them to work! :-(  I'm so sorry because I love adding this feature to my posts.  Once I am able to figure it out, I will add it to each post!


  1. I have a shitload of green and I don't even like it that much!! Yet, like you with gold, I keep buying it LOL =)) I guess that's just a nail junkie in us!! =)
    And I LOVE Disco Balls on you!!! I wish I could have it in my stash!!! (even though I don't wear gold that much either haha) =)
    p.s. Have you tried the other versions of InLinkz? Sometimes that first option doesn't work for me either so I just go with the second one... (and you know to put it under html, right)

    1. Thank you, I think I will have to wear it more. I normally just use the second Inlinkz codes, too. But for some reason when I click on the links in the Google docs page it just takes me to the Inlinkz homepage and won't tell me the links!

    2. So here's something which made me smile.... I jusr looked through your older posts and realised I already had seen them! Checked google reader and saw I had already added you in my RSS feeds, I'd just never clicked GFC, and the two newest posts were sitting there waiting to be read!!

    3. BTW I had that same issue with the Inlinks, but if I copied the address and pasted it into address bar, it takes you to the page you need.

    4. Bwah ha ha ha. That is pretty funny. I do stuff like that all the time. I will try the Inlinkz codes with the next post.

  2. Oh wow, we really did do similar gold manis!!!! I hadn't seen yours so I am glad you commented on mine, love your nail shape and your pink day 4, off to follow and add you to my rss so I don't miss any more:)

  3. wow that is an awesome glitter! I'm not a big fan of glitter but this one makes me think I could change my mind :)