Monday, January 21, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 19: My Favorite Polish

       Today I get to show you my favorite polish!  I have shown it before, but never like this.  This is almost identical to how I had my nails on my wedding day.  The only difference between the two days, is that I had acrylics on for my wedding.  If you are wondering why my middle finger looks so weird, it is because I have a nail patch on.  When I am wearing a darker polish you can't even tell, but with these lighter polishes, you can see it.  :-(  Oh well.  After I did this mani on Saturday, I started cleaning my bathroom, and when I say cleaning, I mean spring cleaning.  I scrubbed the wall and doors and some other stuff that doesn't need to be said, lol.  Well, needless to say, I forgot that I had used a PVA base coat and wasn't wearing any gloves.  About an hour into my scrubbing, I looked at my nails and they were peeled back pretty bad.  I was so sad because I wanted to get some pictures in the sunlight on Sunday, but that wasn't in the cards for me.  I'm sorry! :-(
     To achieve this look I had to wait for the base color to dry completely.  Once that was done I applied a binder reinforcement to each nail, working with one nail at a time.  I painted on the pink base and then removed the reinforcement.  After I had done this to each nail, I went back to the first nail, applied another reinforcement, and then painted on the glitter.  A little time-consuming, but honestly, not too bad.

Base coat: PVA base coat
Base color:  Audrey from Zoya - 3 coats
Base pink: Charming Rose Creme from NYC - 1 coat
Pink glitter: Sparked from Wet N' Wild Wild Shine - 1 coat
Top coat: Seche Vite

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