Thursday, June 28, 2012

Julep Sienna Swatches and Stamping With Mash Plate 47

  So, the last two days I have spent working and helping my friend out with her two babies because she had to have her gallbladder removed on Sunday and is unable to lift anything over ten pounds.  Any time she wanted to get up I had to help her up as well.  Poor friend of mine.  I can't imagine not being able to do anything but sit on the couch for an entire week as someone comes in and does everything you normally do.  :-(  I mean, I could deal with it for about half of a day, but after that I would get really, really bored.  I did this mani on Monday after my last post and since my friends husband is off of work today, I have time to write all about it!
  This is Juleps premier on my blog!
  I received Sienna from Betsy, whom I met online through Creative Nail Fun's "Adopt A Friend" program.  Each month you can sign up on Creative Nail Fun's Facebook page to do a swap with someone.  It is so fun to get to know people and I love that you can sign up for it each month instead of it being a commitment you make for an extended period of time.  As we all are aware, life flys at us pretty fast and sometimes were broker than we would have ever thought possible.  The other thing I really like about the Adopt A Friend program is that we don't have to spend much money.  I know some of you are probablly saying, "um Julep is not cheap," and you are correct, but Betsy and I agreed to do a more expensive exchange than the five dollars Creative Nail Fun suggests spending on the swap.  You also don't have to swap polish, all though, I have yet to see a swap that didn't at least involove a bottle of Sinful Color's or Wet N' Wild.  If this seems like something that you would be interested in, click on the link I have above, which will take you to her Facebook page, like her page, and wait for the update that she is doing the monthly sign up.  She will then tell you who you are paired with, and bombs away.  It is that simple. 
  Ok, so, can I just say that I love Julep's formula?!  Holy cow.  While the formula was flawless, I don't really know if I will get to many more of these.  I just can't say that I can justify spending $14 on an 8ml bottle of polish.  I have used this polish about four times for full mani's of two coats each, and I have used almost 80% of the polish.  These are fairly decent coats as well.  Not to thin, but definitly not thick.  Maybe I will sign up for the Julep Maven boxes that I hear everyone talking about.  I think you pay $20 a month and they send you three polishes?  That is a much better deal for sure.  Julep color's are 4 free, meaning they do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP.
  Sienna has a shimmer finish and is described as a "sophisticated, shimmery gold" on Julep's website.  While I am normally not a fan of gold, I must say that this one takes my breath away.  Just look at the swatch pictures and see how spicy and loud Sienna is!

Base coat: Chip Skip from OPI and Smooth Beginnings from Avon
Base color: Sienna from Julep - 2 coats
Stamping color: Black Creme from Wet N' Wild
Top coat: Out the Door
Stamping plate: Mash 47

Inside without flash

Outside in indirect light

Inside with flash

Outside in direct sunlight

I love looking at these pictures.  Sienna is such a pretty gold, isn't it?!  Do you have any Julep polishes?  Does the price make you stay away or is it worth it to you?



  1. Love this color and the whole design! Also love the adopt a friend thing. I liked her page and looking forward to that! Id love it if you checked out my blog too. I'm new to nail art but just loving every second of it!

    1. Yay for more polish addicts. Thanks for commenting, I love interacting with other polish lovers. I am headed to your blog right now. :-)