Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 3 black and white challenge: Color on Black

I am oh so very excited about this mani.  I feel like I am getting better and better every day. :)  Once again, I found my inspiration from Robin Moses.  I have a feeling she will be in A LOT of my blog posts.  I saw this mani the other day:

I followed her YouTube tutorial which was so sort and so simple.  And here is my end result.

I used two coats of Wet N' Wild Black Cream for the base, white acrylic paint for the stems and leafs, and all the pink and red for the petals were acrylic as well.  The silver in the middle of the flowers is Celeb City by Sally Hanson.  So, do you guys have any feedback for me?  I have had over 200 blog views but have only had two comments left for me.  :(  I really am looking for feedback and ideas.  To inspire and to be inspired.  Please don't hesitate to comment. :)


  1. This is lovely!
    Robin Moses is always so inspiring, I love watching her videos :)

    1. Thank you. And yes, I am just so in love with Robin Moses. I love that she loves what she does and is willing go encourage those of us who would otherwise never try stuff like this.